Transformation Consulting Group Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Transformation Consulting Group
Paul Woerpel, President
As a strategic planning consultant with
30 years of experience with more than
150 diverse and progressive client
organizations, Paul has the seasoning
and expertise to help you take your
company where you want to go.
We Are Based in Madison,
Wisconsin. You May Contact Us At
This Number:
(262) 366-1657
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Strategic Planning Consultant Wisconsin, Paul Woerpel, Transformation Consulting Group
From Strategic Planning to Strategic Agility
Experience Yields Results
Transformation Consulting Group partners with business leaders to achieve
extraordinary results through enhanced strategic thinking and organizational agility.

We have helped more than 150 companies—each at a critical stage in its
development—deploy collaborative planning, problem solving and decision making
skills to systematically navigate uncharted territory and build a brighter future.
Transformational Strategic Planning
Our unique approach to the development and implementation of business strategy:

  • Builds capacity for strategic thinking
  • Enhances leadership skills
  • Strengthens teamwork
  • Integrates planning and implementation
  • Unites the entire organization in common purpose
  • Aligns strategy, structure, processes, culture, staffing and systems
  • Fosters organizational agility
  • Transforms strategic planning into an ongoing, proactive management discipline—
    not an event
Innovative Approach to Strategic Planning
While we have been asked by our clients to assist them with related needs (see
Services), our primary focus is the strategic planning process. Our innovative approach
transforms the way CEOs and their senior teams think about their business and
operate their business.

We are strategy development experts with unparalleled facilitation skills, not meeting
facilitators who do strategic planning. Our consulting methodology, honed over 30
years of direct client experience, routinely produces:

  • Clarity of purpose
  • Focus and momentum
  • Shared understanding and objectives
  • Improved resource alignment and performance accountability
  • Sustainable and superior business results
Strategic Planning: Experience, Innovation and Transformation
A leader is best when people barely know
he exists, when his work is done, his aim
fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.
- Lao Tzu
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