strategic agility
Building Strategic Agility
Strategic Agility will become the ultimate competitive advantage, enabling companies to
leapfrog the competition to become the new market leaders. Read more here:
Agility: New Thoughtware for Strategic Planning"
Succeeding in a Turbulent Economy
Strategic Sensing—the ability to recognize, anticipate…and quickly respond to
changing market conditions—proactively and reactively.

Organizational Fitness—the strength, flexibility and resilience needed to succeed in
an increasingly turbulent market and competitive business environment.

Shared Accountabilityengagement, commitment and alignment of organizational
behavior to accomplish common objectives.
Companies fail not because they do
the wrong things, but because they
keep doing what used to be the right
things for too long.
Strategic Agility Formula
Strategic Sensing
  • Dynamic and exploratory process—more qualitative than quantitative
  • Generates necessary insight and foresight
  • Clarifies the parameters of future business pursuits and investment priorities
Organizational Fitness
  • Strategic orientation; focused, yet flexible
  • Capacity to work on the future while executing in the present
  • Nimble, adaptive culture
  • Fast, effective and efficient processes
  • Proactive posture; ability to anticipate and respond
  • Innovative and entrepreneurial attitude
  • Commitment to ongoing learning, discovery and renewal
Apply Strategic Insight
and Foresight
  • Identify growth opportunities: new
    markets, new niches, new customers
  • Spot innovation opportunities—both
    product and service
  • Uncover tomorrow’s customers
  • Recognize tomorrow's competitors
  • Build new organizational
  • Refine or redefine your business
  • Focus, leverage and prioritize
    resources: time, talent, treasure
Key Requirements for
Organizational Agility
Shared Vision, Shared Values and
Common Performance Metrics,
supported by:
  • Reconfigurable organization design
  • Dynamic supporting technology
  • Agile people
  • Flexible core business processes
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