Workshops for Senior Executives

In a presentation for business executives titled, "New Thoughtware for
Strategic Planning", Paul Woerpel urges business leaders to think deeply
about what it will take to succeed in a post-recessionary business

The program  engages executive roundtable members in a systematic
examination of each company's changing business context and implications
for strategic action: value creation, product/service development, market
exploitation, asset utilization and resource prioritization. Using proprietary
diagnostic tools Paul asks each participant to assess the ability of his/her
leadership team to work collaboratively to foster the ongoing development of
organizational flexibility, responsiveness, learning and innovation.

Ultimately, each manager is challenged to think about the relative "strategic
fitness" of his/her business: the alignment of strategy, business processes,
organizational structure, culture, staffing and systems.
Maximizing the CEO Roundtable Experience

Paul regularly conducts Roundtable Leader workshops for the Milwaukee
Metropolitan Association of Commerce. See the articles below summarizing
key points from past roundtable leader workshops.

Effective Management of Group Dynamics I

Effective Management of Group Dynamics II

Sometimes teams get off track and lose their momentum. Paul's
collaborative planning approach has been used with a number of COSBE
and CGB groups to help them re-energize their meetings. View the slide
"Group Drift: When Teams Get Off Track—And What to Do
About It".  
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